I once visited Hell. 

Six years ago I was forced through the firey gates of what most would call Labor. And I am NOT exaggerating.

48 hours of induced labor, 2 days of no food, ice chips only, 2 days of laying on my left side.  2 days of a non-functional epidural <- that I only found out later you really aren’t supposed to feel anything with those, I felt it all.  48 hours of student doctors flowing in and out of my room, doing nothing more than ticking me off.

And then He was Born.

The Boy, 1 day old.

 A jaundiced, sedated, beautiful, chinese looking, baby boy.

Yes somedays it feels like there's three of him.

Today he is 6 years old.  Which means that tomorrow he’ll be Twenty years old and running off to Miami with some chick that I will not approve of.

Two Years Old and Always Handsome

But today he’s still 6, still my baby, still my boy.

Watch Your Girls Ladies

So for today it’s a Kung Zhu Zhu Birthday Cake for him and a bottle of wine for me. 

Look Out World

We’ve made it kid.  Congratulations. ❤

6 responses to “~6~

  1. happy mothers day 🙂

  2. Happy birthday to your wee man! I hope your day together is all kinds of awesome 🙂

  3. Happy birthday to Mr. Cute-n-STuff! I’ll share that bottle of wine with you next month, when my baby boy turns 16. And I’ll refrain from giving the details of my speedy delivery. >;-}

  4. Happy Birthday to your little man! He is adorable!

  5. Thanks everyone ❤

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