~She Writes~

Source UnknownShe sits.  With coffee in hand, grasping onto its warmth. 

She struggles to force her mind to form the thoughts, the words, the ideas that it needs to say, drowning out her made up worlds to quench the status quo of reality.

She forgot where she flourishes, where she thrives.  Trying to fit in where the air can’t fill her lungs.

She stares deeply into her blackened coffee, watching the reflections from the dim lights dance into fragile rings. 

She remembers.  She pauses.  She breathes

That’s why it all has been so incredibly hard, all crammed into the conformities of true life.  She belongs in the fiction, in the dreaming, in the impossible.  That’s where she belongs.

She pours the coffee down her throat, treasuring the warmth and comfort it brings.  She closes down the browsers, the blogs, the social sites and she boots up her pretend worlds. 

Slaying Writer’s block with one swift move.

She writes.   


7 responses to “~She Writes~

  1. Slay it with all of your hearts content and then go back for seconds just to make sure you kicked it to the curb!

  2. “She” is my favorite heroine. She struggles through battles, armed with nothing but flexible fingers, a keyboard and glowing (often mocking) monitor. But then, when She’s all but sure that darkness is going to finally squeeze the last ounce of breath out of her…She creates, her fingers finding their voice. And so…She lets in a little light, keeps the dark at bay and entertains her fans once again. She’s awesome, She is.

  3. Heartbreak summed up in five words: “She forgot where she flourishes.” Oh, Em, my my heart just skipped a little beat…recognition.

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