Hey Santa, Over Here!

Dear Santa,

I don’t trust my post office any longer, so hopefully you blog, hopefully you’ll read this.  (And don’t forget to send my mailbox robbers plenty of coal! <- it’s okay to ask that right?)

I think I have been plenty good this year.  I did not eat any of the minions, and I did not sell them to the gypsies.  I even allowed the boy to go off to school, and I didn’t cry or embarrass him!  And don’t forget the weeks of taking care of my husband without smothering him with a pillow!  Dang, I was real good.  I didn’t even cuss out John Wayne when he broadsided the car.  You might say that I was perfect.

So if we can, because both you and I have deadlines here, just get right on down to the asking for stuffs…

  • Time.  I need it, I want it, I lust for it.  I just want a little bit of it.  Like one day every few weeks all to myself.  And I don’t mean everyone tapping on my back as quiet as they can.  I mean a hotel room with a coffee maker and a plug for my laptop.  One whole day.  Alone.  Heck I’d even take getting lost in my woods for a day with a huge thermos of coffee and a notebook.  My brain and I need a date.

  • Direction.  Everybody has a different compass for my life lately, and they’re all pointing in different directions.  I can only seem to make it to my coffee maker right now.  I’d like my compass to be tiny and pink, with a clear true north. 

  • Family.  Fix it, could ya?  Just bring her back, minus the bow.  The big red bow is overdone.  (for those who are reading and aren’t all-knowing like Santa, I’ll explain later.)

  • Success.  I get that success is my own to make.  But you and your elves must have some sort of success miracle grow right?  Just a wee bit of help would rock.

  • Health.  How about just a general boost for all of us?  You know where it’s needed most.

  • Peace.  Just peace.  Not peace on earth and all of the nonsense.  How about just calmness to the brain, happiness in the heart, a rested soul, and drama free days. 

  • The White House.  Make it mine.  ‘Nuff said.

  • And don’t forget the Starbucks under the tree that’s fully staffed and doesn’t cost me a dime.

Okay and if that’s a lot to ask the man who can do it all, I guess I could handle a new bundle of books, some more Dead Man’s Reach coffee, a new coffee mug, some pens, some notebooks and some awesome notecards.

Thanks and Love,


ps.  Could you express ship some new blog ideas to me asap?!



7 responses to “Hey Santa, Over Here!

  1. Dear Santa, I would like some of what Emily wants too! Time, Direction and Inspiration. That’s not too much to ask right? I hope you get everything you asked for! Except the barista under the tree because you will get tired of picking up after him. 😉

  2. Wait…no request for Martha on Speed Dial – where she comes, in her private helicopter and lands on the helipad that she built on your property that says “I {heart} my BFF” in the middle, and helps you create awesome stuff sans glitter? I think you just forgot to add that.

    And, would you please keep all your awesomeness to a dull roar today? I’m tired and my head hurts. Kthxbai

    • NOES! I don’t actually ever want to meet the woman. She’d make me claw my eyeballs out and stuff. I like the essence of it all,a woman who ticked off the entire world by doing crafts and cooking <-that rocks.

  3. simply the best post i read today 🙂
    and I borrow this line and i take it with me
    “My brain and I need a date”
    i want to turn it into a blog post 😉

    and while we are at it, i hope Santa maintains a blog … 😀

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