Writer’s Bore, I Have it

 I have writer’s bore.

Writer’s bore could be compared to Writer’s block, but instead of not being to write anything, you find yourself writing way too much and being bored about it all. 

I want that crisp, fresh, new, sparkly, brilliant post that’s going to slam my inbox with “please moderate new comment” messages.  I want that rush that comes with putting something out there that brings in new followers quicker than flies on fresh dog poop. 

But I’m referencing followers with flies on dog poop.  The writer’s bore is winning.

The only cure I suppose is to avoid that stats page like the plague, and to stop thinking about what others might want to read.  Writing for myself.  <- That get’s really hard when you know that other’s are reading. 

Yet the blog must go on, or something like that.  And my coffee simply is not offering any wise words of inspiration this morning.  So there you have it.  Day 9 of December’s NaBloPoMo.

*goes back to starring deeply at the coffee*



9 responses to “Writer’s Bore, I Have it

  1. i totally understand Emily. i was grasping yesterday, but i wanted to know why i was tired so i recreated a day in the life to figure out if my fatigue is in my head. the good thing is December is almost over. (not) *hugs*

  2. Oh, Emmy. I’m not doing the NaBloPoMo but I can SOOO relate to your state!!! I’ve been trying to roll out of the no-great-words culvert with morning pages. Coffee, paper, pen, longhand . . .

  3. Today is the second time that I’ve written an article about writer’s block. Perhaps writer’s bore is more accurate, though.

  4. Where’s my comment? I know I commented! Did you delete it? I wouldn’t blame you if you did…it was a bore. I think this “writer’s bore” is an epidemic, because I feel it as well. Uninspired and Witless are side effects. And that’s “witless” as in non-funny, not witless as in brainless….oh…whatever, we both know it’s both. Sigh….{I still think you are interesting, even when you don’t}.

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