Leave a Message at the Beep

Today I am working. 

I mean really working.  Like editing and re-writing and such. 

I shall not play on the interwebs.  (Much)

No blogging, no tweeting (much), no FB, no nada (after I annoy the world with links).

Feel free to rampage the comments, making this post somewhat interesting…

But for now I’m off to work…


6 responses to “Leave a Message at the Beep

  1. good effort.
    but it’s hard to stay away is it not?
    for me it is. i promise myself and then i break the promise
    keep coming back to my blog, to my fb page, to the reading and commenting 🙂

  2. Dude!!! I’m on Fbook…you KNOW that I saw you there…lots. I have witnesses and an interesting convo between you and Sarah….you guys are awesome. Hmmm…so, that means you work tomorrow. I need you to be famous so that I can say I know you. K? K…

    • Ha But I did get lotz done! I went through a good chunk and edited out all of the “was”. *pats self on back* I can defend the republic, edit and change dirty diapers all at the same time!

  3. Emily, with a side of awesome sauce! 🙂 Did you edit out the “that” and the “that’s”? Those little boogers pop up everywhere!

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