Baby it’s Cold Out There

Winter is here.  Big time here.  Like I should have been hibernating in a cave weeks ago here. 

Summer left all too quickly, just like my favorite chocolate in the Halloween Trick or Treat bag.  Gone.  Poof.  Vanished before I could properly enjoy it, leaving the desperate want of more.

I want more hours playing in my garden:

Organic Pest Control

I want more hours of toes in the water:


I want more hours of watching storms blow in:



And I want absolutely NONE of this:

Oh sure the sneaux (aka snow) is absolutely beautiful.  Maybe even breathtaking, blanketing everything in a peaceful white.  But it’s cold, and messy, and not conducive to gardening in tank tops and flip-flops, and there’s no frolicking through the green fields of prairie grass and wildflowers with the goat… 


Dear Summer, I miss you greatly and my heart shall not heal until you come back to me.

*Chokes down more vitamin D*



7 responses to “Baby it’s Cold Out There

  1. Ugh, I know. I like snow now (we actually have none right now, which is unusual). But then I want it to be gone by about January 2nd!

  2. Hear hear! And our central heat picked today to die on us. Not fun typing with frozen fingers…

  3. Pictures? Nice…me likey. And why is it that more people don’t give out Almond Joy or Mounds? MORE COCONUT STUFF PEOPLE!! As for cold, we don’t get much of that here….at least anything that you’d consider cold.

    • Pictures, I need to do them more often. I actually do have some good ones, somewhere.

      And ick and yuck on the coconut! I demand more Twix, Snickers and DARK CHOCOLATE!

  4. I may have to seriously reconsider our friendship. >;-}

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