The Gift of Knowledge

Have you ever heard of Crohn’s Disease

 I never had, not really, until a close friend of mine started battling it.  And I truly do mean battling the disease.

I was shocked to learn how bad it really does get, and even more appalled that there IS NO CURE.  There’s only cocktails of harmful medicines that are ment to ease the symptoms.  There’s little support, little aid, and the medical treatments cost thousands each month.

I could rant on and on about the very little I have learned about this disease but Sarah can do a much better job telling you about what she has gone through.  <– Go there now,and then come back.  But when you’re done reading that post, go ahead and click on her category for Crohns, it’s worth the time, I promise.

The good news is that awareness of the disease is beginning to spread, and we are smack dab in the middle of Crohns and Colitis awareness Week

Now go here:  And do yourself a favor by learning a little more about this devastating disease. 

And when you’re done, share the awareness… it never hurts to be aware.

Help me turn the Internet PURPLE!

4 responses to “The Gift of Knowledge

  1. My step sister was diagnosed when she was 18 (she’s now in her mid 40’s). Numerous trips/stays to/in the hospital, several?? feet of intestine removed, iron infusions ($$$). It’s a nasty S.O.B. for sure!

  2. I have several members of my family that suffer from Crohn’s disease and I know how awful it is…It is also hereditary which makes me nervous for my own children. Thank you for painting the internet purple!

  3. Awesome post em!! ❤

  4. Thanks everybody! ❤

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