Things You Didn’t Need to Know About Me

If you were here yesterday then you know all about my issue with Shriveled Apple Brains

It’s a real problem, and I do believe the only treatment is an IV of straight up espresso and two weeks vacation at the Bolongo Bay Resort in St.Thomas.  But my husband had to remind me that I am not yet famous, and that flying to the Virgin Islands is not a real option at this time.  Humph.

So yesterday as I’m running around with applesauce leaking out of my ears a dear friend, and excellent blogger, (go visit her awesomeness and some other awesome writers at This N That, That N This) nominated me for a Kathyrn Ingrid Creativity Award… I thinkI know she nominated me for something awesome, I’m just not sure what exactly I’m supposed to call it.  I blame the apple brains. 

Anywho, there are requirements that go along with such an honor, many requirements.  I don’t mind a single one, but to be all different and to hide my shriveled brains I’m going to break them all up, and make this the longest acceptance speech in the whole entire bloggersphere. 

Careful there, I can feel your excitement all the way over here.  You almost spilt my coffee.

Here we go…

List Seven Random Facts About Yourself:

1)I am a professional Dog Trainer.  Professional as in I have a $20.000 student loan wrapped around my throat, and I spent six months up to my eyeballs in dogs and everything that comes with them.  I’ve trained them all from poodles to military dogs.  And I’ve only been bitten badly one time, by my husbands dog.  <- I keep photos of the incident just in case.

2)I have a split personality and her name is Martha.  I love getting down and dirty with sticks, yarn and hot glue, and I can’t function if I don’t have at least 10 projects going on at one time. 

3) I live in the middle of nowhere, and that’s the way I like it, most days, except when I need a good real coffee, then I hate it.  Real coffee is a 45 minute drive away.  (I’m still waiting for a coffee shop to appear under my Christmas tree).  But living in the middle of nowhere allows me to get my alter-wanna-be-ego of Caroline Ingalls out. 

4) At my house you will find 3 dogs, 2 cats, 1 goat, 4 chickens, 2 budgies (birds), and a random number of fish.  That’s not counting the creatures that reside here without our permission, Copper Heads, Turkey, Deer, Coyotes, Strays, Stray horses (yes really), A BEAR and of course the Moosen Goosen.

5) In case you can’t tell I’m an ubber conservative christian.  Sometimes I stray off task and go onto long rants and blurbs on my beloved politics and faith, BUT I have a strong belief of not pushing these on anyone.  It only makes sense, and it’s outlined heavily in my bible… I do not and will not judge, and I will not and do not bash.  Period.  But I will always have my strong opinions.

6) I despise winter.  There’s not one single part of winter that I enjoy.  I hate snow, I hate ice, I hate cold, I hate long dark days.  I HATE it.  I love 80* days, and sweating under the sun, it’s the only way to live.  But my husband still thinks that one day he’ll get me to move to his former hometown, in Minnesota.  Ha.  He swears that winter is fun up there… but for some reason he’s only taken me there in the SUMMER.  I’m no fool.

7) In college I studied Mass Communications, Photography, Political Science, Bio-Medical Ethical Sciences and Dog Training.  I left college to pursue a wild dream of Equestrian Sciences.  One of these days I’ll go back and get an actual degree so I can pursue my true passion of being the President of the United States of America.  Because who wouldn’t love a President who rides around on horseback, while having their dog fetch them a beer, while taking photographs and advertising about them to people in dire medical situations.  Makes perfect sense to me.

If you’re still here reading, come back tomorrow when I get all smooshy wooshy about the next step to this award.  ❤


11 responses to “Things You Didn’t Need to Know About Me

  1. So funny how opposite we are – me the non-religious, very liberal Californian! Ah, but that is what I like the most about you! And I promise not to impose my wishy-washy-ness on you either. 🙂

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  3. Hello, Emily. I came across your very entertaining blog and hilarious sense of humor during November’s NaBloPoMo. Mentioned you in my own blog post today too:

  4. Who has 2 thumbs and was just ACTUALLY LOL-ing??? THIS GAL! {points to chest with thumbs}… You’re super entertaining and interesting. I’m so thankful to God for making our wild paths intersect. Thank you for proving that conservative, Christian women aren’t a bunch of boorish, boring, prudes. We should start our own club. What shall we call it? 😉

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