Shriveled Apple Head

My brain is dried up.

All shriveled like an old banana peel, or one of them hideous shriveled apples that are cut to look like an old woman’s face.  That’s me, shriveled apple head.

I suppose I can blame the massive amounts of pain-killers that I’ve been taking to relieve my nasty TMJ problems, or the countless hours of the bebe pulling me to the Christmas tree saying, “Ook, ook, ook, wowwwww, pirty, Ook!”, or maybe because I was one of those that had to go shopping Friday morning at 12 am… 

(Dear Santa, Emily wants a Starbucks under her tree)

I tried to work, I really did.  50 billion times I sat down at my computer, all with good intentions.  But my husband won’t buy me an electric fence to rope around my corner in the dining room and the bebe kept trying to steal my coffee, and the boy kept trying to smoosh play dough on my lap, and and and…

Did I mention that all three of our car batteries died on Thanksgiving?  I mean dead-dead, no worky no more.  Thank you Wal-Mart for being open, I don’t care what anyone says!

And back to the point.  I want to hear from YOU today.  What do you do when your brain turns into a rotten apple?  Do you have secret non-fail blogging prompts?  Or do you slip away into a non-blogging coma and eat a bag of chocolates?  And last but not least, How do you make the time, especially if you have young ones in your home?



11 responses to “Shriveled Apple Head

  1. do you want a prompt for tomorrow? here is one from my blog server:

    Journal prompt: when you go to your “happy place,” what is it? What does it look like? Feel like? #lifecasting

    for having dried apple brain, this was an excellent read gf! 🙂

    karenlynnn from blogher 🙂

  2. I have a brain that has turned to mush – it’s on those days I drink a lot of coffee…

  3. I bet most people think that when you said you “…want a Starbucks under the tree…” that you meant a cup. No, people…Emily would like the whole damn store. Her craziness was evident when she said she went shopping at 12am.

    I have 23 drafts. TWENTY. THREE. Because my brain is like your car batteries. BTW…if Wally-Mart was so freakin’ fabulous, how come they don’t have a brain exchange program…huh?? Can’t go buyin’ a new brain like a car battery now can ya…pfft…so much for Wally-Mart. >;-)

    I’d totally eat a pie full of shriveled heads if it tasted like apples…even the shurnken-old crone- looking ones. Whipped cream, plenty of it, is the key. It would be good practice for when I’m turned into a Zombie…”braiiinnnnssss”

    • Walmart does not currently sell brains because apparently the only supplier is in China, and they can’t find any English speaking versions. Although at times you might be able to buy cow brains in the meat department.

      And I’m waiting still, for muh coffee shop, under the tree, and PS it better come fully staffed.

      • English speaking brains are not necessary, since my family often doesn’t hear me anyway or they look at me as if I’m already speaking a foreign language when I ask for a chore to be done. And, if I’m ever going to finish college I need to take a language, so transplanted brain is just easier.

  4. I don’t even know how I make the time. Or what I do when I have mush brain, except read other blogs. As I’ve said before I have a terror 18-month old. She’s a live one! And thankfully my son is in school so I can miss him all day long and nuzzle him when he gets home. My secret to work is getting up at 4 am. For reals.

  5. And @Melissa for whatever reason it won’t let me directly repy. I don’t want to learn another language to read your blog… I’m just saying.

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