Look Ma, I’m Really Working!

It has begun.  Editing.  Real editing.  Actually taking a jumble of words and doing my best to twist them into something that makes sense, something that flows, something that will sell.

Holy Crap, what have I gotten myself into?!

Have you ever tried to do this?  Writing for someone to actually read your words?  I mean, beyond blogging, for someone who’s all official and has a title of “Agent” or “Editor” or “Publisher”?  Writing for the sole purpose of having those twisted, jumbled words to sit on a shelf with your name on the cover… a real shelf, like one at a bookstore?! 

Maybe it’s just me.

Writing for a friendly event like National Novel Writing Month has nothing on writing to publish.  With NaNo you’re just out there having fun, making up stuff, mashing your fingers on the keyboard, knowing that maybe two people will ever read any of it, if that. 

This, this is a whole new ball game folks.

And maybe I’m a dork, I’m okay with that.

But I’m all nervous, all most shaky, a little bit excited, a little bit scared.  The whole thing is just different when you’re trying to do it for real.  I can’t imagine how it will be when it’s time to send out the queries, or if I even actually ever get a bite on it.  Yikes!  I might need a jumbo supply of xanax if I ever get that far.

I just had to get that out, so you all can think I’m really crazy.  Real blog post, with real purpose and points are under works, I promise!  Thanks for dropping in!


3 responses to “Look Ma, I’m Really Working!

  1. if you write it, people will read

    for a few sentences… then you are on your own

  2. I think the title should say, “Look Mel, I’m editing,”

    Other than a flash fiction contest or two? Then no, I have not written for anyone but me and my blog audience. I cannot imagine the pressure, fear and excitement of doing what you are doing.

    I have thought of writing articles and trying to submit to my local paper and I have the same trepidation-fear-worry. However, your story idea is awesome and I’mma hound your arse until you submit it…somewhere…anywhere…’aight?

    • Flash fiction contest count! It’s that whole writing for someone else, writting more than just a blog and random thoughts. SCARY. It just hit me this morning, as I looked at the book seriously, for the first time, and thought to myself, “I am going to do this.”

      But hey I did get 3 pages edited this morning, unless you count the whole first chapter that I cut completely, then I got like 20 pages edited, lol. And ps, I’m gonna start hounding you!!! Do.It.

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