Who Put the Doubt in My Coffee?

I’m having doubts this morning.

Today I told myself that I would officially begin my edits.  Afterall, it’s very hard to publish a book that hasn’t been edited, or worked on besides the 30 days it took to write it.  Unless you’re some genius, brilliant, perfect writer… and I’m not, so I NEED edits.

But I’m not feeling it.  Perhaps it’s burnout from NaNoWriMo, I dunno. 

I’m still worried about if it’s worth my time.  Not writing in general, I’m ready for that journey, but what if the book itself is a flop?  I know it needs a lot of work, a lot of smoothing out, deleting and filling in the blanks… but what if there’s no hope for the plot? 

I suppose I won’t know until I get to work on it. 

But I still have no motivation today.  And I know that if I don’t make myself work on it, I’ll never work on it.  Ask all four of my novels sitting in the back of my computer’s memory. 

I’d personally rather wait for some brilliant writer to stumble on my blog, and then demand to read everything I ever wrote and then tell me exactly what to do.  (I’ll make you lots of coffee and ice cream if you’re out there… please!)  But I doubt that will be happening, and rambling on here is not going to help. 

How do you find inspiration?  How do you deal with a lack of motivation?  Do you give yourself deadlines?  Do you want to move into my house and be a drill Sargent for me?

8 responses to “Who Put the Doubt in My Coffee?

  1. I feel the same way about my photography. “just someone discover me already!!” now get cracking on those edits with your second cup! 🙂

    • Ohhh, I love photography, I took a simple black and white course in college, and worked for a short bit in a studio. I’m going to have to go check your stuff out! And I’m going to blame you for distracting me this morning, lol! But yes, after I find recipes for my turkey meal tomorrow I told myself I have to do at least 15 minutes of edits today… it’s a start. :p

  2. Ah yes, many the day when my coffee was spike that familiar doubt. For me, I let myself sit for awhile and embrace the boring, non-inspirational moment. I try to ask myself why I don’t want to write. Is there something I don’t want to look at today, and then finally can I give myself at least one sentence. And sometimes I feel like the first sentence is the hurdle then I’m off and running. But editing is a whole other game. I sit down and read and when I start thinking about other things I know the writing has gotten boring. I mark that as a threshold for a place to go deeper and spend time on just that part. Good luck!!

  3. I am participating in NaNoWriMo and only reached 10,000 words – but it’s a start 🙂 I do find if I give myself deadlines it really helps and if I need a break I get up walk away from the computer. It’s at those moments I go for a walk, read a book, or listen to music. It helps me get back into the flow of things.

    • Congrats on the 10,000 words! It is definalty a challenge to complete, this year I went with a sequel so it went unusually smooth for me, and I finished super early. Thanks for stopping in and offering your support!

  4. I’m donating all of my money to teleportation research that will allow me to *beam* into your house and give you SUCH a pinch for not working on edits. Thanksgiving is no excuse, you can at least think of editing while you cook.

    And, ultimately, you won’t get this time back. You don’t want to be staring down middle age and wondering, “Why didn’t I follow this passion?” Avoiding that feeling should be a priority for you, it doesn’t feel good…trust me. So, put on your big girl armor and ready your weapon (editing) and do battle against Doubt…and finish that book.

    • Teleportion, can I put a paypal donation button on my blog for that? Could end up bad though, with all the girls from the Cafe and FB, and myself, popping in everytime you mention beer, wine or food!

      And big time **hugs** ’cause you pretty much out said anything I could dream up to respond with. ❤

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