For Sale: One Giveadamn, Slightly Used

I might have or might not have reached my hormonal breaking point, and no, we’re not talking babies again… I’m soooo over that thing… today. 

Let’s talk facts real quick (and no, not political points, relax) 1) “The Pill” has many side effects, one being “heightened anxiety” and “altered moods” and 2)Caffeine intensifies anxiety and altered moods.  Guess who has anxiety disorder, depression and a husband who brought home a big huge friggen case of Dr.Pepper even though he KNEW it wasn’t allowed in our house anymore?!  In short I’m hopped up on pre-existing anxiety and such with the bonus side effects of the pill and caffeine!  WOOT! 

AKA, I’m a mess lately.  And I’m pretty sure the Moose Goosen is trying to kill me with teeny tiny kittens.  What?  You don’t believe me?  Then why else yesterday did I hear kitten meows out by the garden and even though I was evil and ignored them, later that night they were in my chicken coop!?  How in the hell did baby kittens (rather than adult kittens) get in a fenced chicken coop?!  Explain that one… MOOSEN GOOSEN.

And I’m pretty sure the Moosen Goosen works for Obama and maybe Oprah too.  *whispers* Conspiracy!

So back to the point or lack there of… Um, yes my “giveadamn” and yes it’s one word.  Apparently I’ve boarded some train that rockets (trains/rockets, makes sense) back and forth between “oh my gosh they all hate me i can’t do anything right why can’t i just get one break just once some one pour me a bottle of wine right now”  and “F-off, where’s the rum”.  Which also includes the roller coaster of “I’m never going to finish one single book wahhhh” and “f-off, I’ll show ya all”. 

And I’m positive that this all has been fluffed and multiplied by the fact that I’ve been staying up late trying to get things done, which oddly I keep finding myself just sitting there, 3 hours post pass out time, scribbling on scrap paper which is uber productive. 

And yes, indeed, too and such, blogging also helps one get things done.  Right.



*googles Moosen Goosen trap*

Who wants a kitten?


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