Everyone Needs a Little Conspiracy in Their Pocket

In between dehydrating apples, mixing up sourdough starter, writing my book and chasing around the minions an idea hit me. 

I try not to buy into conspiracy theories too often, and usually shrug them off and feed them to the goat, but I heard one about a month or so ago, and it sort of has been floating around in the back of my head.

A question was posed, or more so of an idea on a forum, the thought was on how it was rumored that Obama would find a way to order Martial Law hence stopping the elections and keeping his throne in the White House.  But no one could connect the dots on how he’d get away with ordering Martial Law.

I figured it out.

Now that we know as a FACT that ACORN is/was/is behind the Occupy Wallstreet Movement, and we know Obama is/was/is part of ACORN, we have our connecting link.  (Stay with me here, *grabs knit hat and padlocks the doors*)  We also know there’s a growing violence occurring across the country in this Occupy Movement.  But our fearless leader, Obama, is doing nothing, absolutely nothing to stop this.  (Are you connecting the dots yet?  Geranamo!)  He’s not responding to the demands and he’s not ending the violence… and the question is why not?! 

So what would happen if the violence continues to grow?  What if it got out of hand?  What would happen then?

Martial Law Folks.

All Hail the King


So I might be a little over the top, and 100% wrong about all of this, but that’s why it’s called a Conspiracy Theory.  And we all need our own little crazy sometimes.  And I had to post this somewhere so when it happens I can yell at everyone that I was right!  Now excuse me while I go stalk people running on their treadmills.  *snort*


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