Oh Mister Sandman, lay off the drinks!

Last night I found myself lost in another odd dream:

The sun was just beginning to set past the tree line.  I was most likely taking out some trash, chasing off a stray cat or some other chore as I only remember grumbling as I headed out our door.

Then I heard it, a loud, sharp sound, clanking wood against wood with a hollow echo. 

And there he stood, down by our fencing, a buck, all ten points knocking against our fence. 

Excited (and a tad bit hungry) I rushed in to grab our crossbow, arguing with my husband that I was best suited to make the shot.

I dashed back outside (quietly of course), with the husband on my heels.  Then out of the shadows rushed a large, beautiful arctic wolf (like that twist?  arctic, in Missouri, right.).  The wolf howled towards the growing moon and lunged towards what was supposed to be MY kill.

My heart pounding, I drew back the bow, balancing it ever so carefully on the deck ledge, when…

A BEAR leaps out from another dark shadowy area and takes on BOTH the wolf and the deer!

The three creatures become entangled in some epic battle of life and death, as I struggle with planning my next move…

And then I wake up.

Tell me what THAT dream means.

(besides that it’s almost time for NaNoWriMo)



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