May I call a time out?

Just for like a day, or maybe a week?  That’s not asking too much is it?

Today things are getting the best of me.  I can feel the anxiety swirling up through my veins, pulsing through my spine and ripping at my brain.  Yes, it happens JUST like that.  And the more the panic washes over you the further away the world slips.  Second by second your allies, your friends disappear into the shadows.  With each twinge of your skin the world grows hostile.  Each breath becomes burdensome, each action becomes hardship.

Underneath it all you get that no one’s changing, no one is leaving, and that you’ll be okay.  You get that your problems aren’t nothing compared to others’.  But it is still extremely hard to deal.

It’s just like all of that.

And I swear my lungs have taken up residence in my toes. 

I need a day to fall, to slip, to crumble.

I need a day to let it all out without the world watching, waiting, needing. 

I need to fall apart so I can get back up and pick up the pieces.

Chances like that don’t come with this gig… 





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