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Edited to add: WARNING:  It has been brought to my attention that reading this post while eating bannana bread will cause choking.  It is HIGHLY suggested to not eat or drink while reading.  I cannot be held respnsible for any injuries and or deaths that result from not following this warning. Thanks.  “M” many much prayers and bonfires for your speedy recovery.  ❤

The boy brought home a book he made in school yesterday. 

It simply read, “My mom does the dishes.  I do the dishes.  My dad sweeps.”

My heart raced as I read the last page, in his 5-year-old handwriting I SWORE it said, “My dad weeds.”  But I read it as, “My dad does weed.”  Instantly I was gearing up to race into the school and ask WHAT the HELL are THEY teaching my five-year old?!  I know public schools are liberal, but I didn’t think they were THAT Liberal.  Luckily he quickly informed me the word was “SWEEP”.

After my pulse slowed down a bit I asked, “What does daddy sweep?”

The boy quickly chirped, “Nothing, get it!?  It’s funny!  Like a joke!”  Yes, I get it boy, very funny.

And then I asked, “When do you do the dishes?”

The boy gave me a confused eyebrow twitch, and quickly changed the subject to his favorite part in a Mario game. 

Lucky for him he’s only five years old and I’m positive the teacher must have given them a list of words to choose from.  Otherwise I would have made him re-do the project to read more like:

“My mom does everything and therefore sold me and my dad to the gypsies.” 

The End.

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