Nothing, Seriously.

Because blame always has to lie somewhere, I’m blaming today’s monday-ness on Rosanne Barr.  She’s the perfect example of the Monday Stench Wench.  Starts out great, but just needs to go jump in a hole already. 

That said I really have nothing to write about today.  Unless you want to hear about my great adventures of scaling Mount Washmore, or how I Almost saw an elderly lady run over another elderly lady in her boat of a car, all at the speed of a snail.  No?  Fine.  Moving on.

Again, I have nothing.


How about a quote of the day?  That’s almost something right?

“I want someone to occupy a kitchen and make me a sandwich”


Maybe a picture?

Moosen Goosen

You can thank me later for wasting 5 minutes of your life.



One response to “Nothing, Seriously.

  1. Is that a vampire moosen goosen? Maybe the land-barge driving old lady is in cahoots with it and was going to run over the other old lady as a sacrifice? Could happen…

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