Stealing First

It’s been a rather hellish week around here.  I was fully planning on dusting off the good old soapbox and gracing you on a wonderful speech on how protesting on a street named after a business that no longer is there is not the best idea… but you’ll have to wait on that one.  Try not to be too upset. 

I’m in a mood, a peculiar mood and it’s taking every ounce of my brain to rise above it.  It’s an odd twist of self loathing and wanting to eat the brains out of half the people I know.  It’s being happy and ticked at the exact same time. 

It’s trying to steal first base and then feeling guilty about such an insane idea, but still needing to fulfill that need. 

(give me a break I live in the Baseball capital of the world and we’re in the playoff’s)

It’s needing more in life, while still being extremely happy with where you’re at, but others losing the heartbeat in the message and crying out words of guilt at you.  It’s believing what they say.

It’s believing that you have to steal first to get anywhere instead of getting there outright and on your own.  It’s thinking that first base holds any merit at all instead of home plate, where by the way is where you start from. 

~And this is where I lose track of mind and suddenly end this very random post suddenly without really wrapping up the whole point.  You’re welcome~



6 responses to “Stealing First

  1. Well, I’m not going to touch the politics thing with a 10′ pole – mostly because I don’t know diddly about what is happening and feel that each and every ‘party’ out there is too full of themselves to think rationally. All of them. Except me, I’m brilliant (and touched in the head – same diff).

    But, I can agree wholeheartedly about feeling cheated and happy, angry and happy, sad and happy – all rolled into one whimpering ball of me. While so much is SO right and wonderful, there is just a feeling that there is ‘more’ to it than just this.

    Hugs, my dear…you have many friends that are wandering around in the dark with flickering flashlights that have dying batteries. We’ll find our way, regardless.

  2. And I meant to add that we’ll support each other in finding our way – it’s good to know you are not ever alone.

  3. Just wondering, would you simply eat the brains raw, or is there a specific recipe you had in (no pun intended) mind?

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