Exhaustion and Deer Guts

I am flat-out, 100% exhausted.

The night before last I tossed and turned the entire night with visions of forgetting things.  Not ordinary things, but odd things like forgetting to put the bebe in her crib (because hello, where else would I put her?), and her escaping her room, and reaching our stairs, which of course I thought I had left the gate off of, which means she would fall down the stairs, and would I hear her?  Or would she be in the laundry room eating cat poop and chasing it with liquid detergent?  Of course she was safe and sound in her bed with all dangers safely secured, but none the less I kept waking up with the same thoughts. 

Then I had a nightmare that my husband had people after him, and they were on the way to our home, and he was leaving for work, leaving me home alone with the kids and some psycho shooter.  Thanks hun. 

Of course that day the bebe decided naps weren’t important and it was better for me to chase her all day.  Lovely.

Then last night she decided she didn’t need to sleep and that playing at 1 am in the morning would be way more fun.  Which I might have survived through if I had not taken medicine to make sure I didn’t have a repeat of the night before.  Or if the huble had not woken me up to ask about laundry and something else equally deadly to ask a woman who had not had any sleep and was under the effects of sleeping pills.  I do however think that I am close to finding my death ray eye power.  Very close.

So now after a full day of not harming car dealers, and only mildly threating one loan officer guy with a stale cheeto to his eye, I am doing my best to pretend like I care about anything beyond closing my eyes.  You’re welcome mom.

And the huble, he’s out in a tree pretending to be rambo.  Which is great and dandy, because I would have passed out if given two seconds of quiet, and we really need the meat, and I love venison.  But.  If he gets one tonight.  I.Will.Cry

Unless someone can quickly mainline Dead Man’s Reach coffee straight into my arteries there is no way in HELL that I’m going to go trekking through the woods to help him drag a carcass up towards the house, in the dark, in the cold and then have to process the dang thing.  Did I mention that it’s cold and that I’m exhausted?! 

So chances are he’ll get two of them, even though he only brought out one arrow, but he’ll do it, somehow.  And they’ll both probably end up in thorn bushes, up hill, both ways, and a bear will probably chase after me while I’m out there… or the moosen goosen will attack me. 

I better go see a doc about getting that IV. 



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