Not Suitable for all Audiences

Disclaimer: This post might not be suitable for all my readers, I’m not responsible for any negative response you might have… you have been warned… *snort*

Nature, it’s like free entertainment out here where we live.   The constant drama that we were bombarded with in the city have been quickly replaced with stray horses, giant caterpillars of doom, moosen goosen, goats, hawks, snakes, turkey, deer… you just never know what you’re going to get out here…

You could walk out our door and find this:

Baby Birds Above our Door

Or even this:

Scary Huge Spider

One day we even found this, waiting at our doorstep:

We found the cat, not the boy.

By far though, last night was one of the most interesting, oddest discovery we have made so far.

The boy comes running to me as I was putting the goat away for the night, “MOM, MOMMY…. There’s SOMETHING over there, loud and creepy!  Maybe even a monster!?!”

I followed him to the area that the “monster” may or may not be lurking, contemplating if I would need a stick, a rope or a gun.  Or if I needed to shut the television off for the week… you just never know. 

We were now approaching the side of our house, I couldn’t see anything as he pointed to the trashcan and a big cardboard box.  I slowly walked closer, expecting the worst…  The boy shushes me… and we listened…

The cardboard box began to move, ever so slightly, with tiny scratching sounds from within it.  I started to reach for the nearest stick, expecting a cat, possum or maybe even a snake…

And then I saw it… 

The Monster

Hundreds of them, everywhere.  Scratching, creeping, crawling and climbing over my entire garden and foundation.  Slowly crawling up form the earth, invading every surface they could, breaking free from their skins.

Monsters Invading


Cicadas, More of Them

The scene was so horrific, yet mesmerizing, we couldn’t look away.  I only wish they’d do this in the daytime when I didn’t have to use my flash to document this occurrence, as it only happens once every 13 years. 

The boy wanted to keep one as a pet, yikes.  No.

Vampire or Bug? Or both....


5 responses to “Not Suitable for all Audiences

  1. 13 year cicadas! I hate those things, but heard they’re supposed to hit northern IL by this June! Gross. I love the sounds and the shells are cool to look at but.. YUCK.

  2. Gah, the sounds, I forgot about them! Do you know how friggen loud it’s going to be this year with this swarm!? I’m going to be walking around with shooting range ear plugs.

  3. Jennifer Holtmann

    I was so hoping they weren’t actually going to his this year. Damn it. There goes most of the outside time this summer!

  4. Cicadas are SOOOO cool, yet creepy all at the same time. I like finding their shells/skins in unexpected places, and so do the boys. But I hate finding one of the green ones on it’s back buzzing around my front door *shudder* Good luck with your infestation, seems epic!

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