Tails of the Moosen Goosen

This morning I headed out to tend to the 4 legged minions, when I noticed the goat cautiously staring off into the wilderness.

one of the minions and a goat

Then as I as watching her (because we all know goats are the best alert system in the world, seriously) I heard it.  The sound, echoing off the hills, reaching into my core.  Words can barely describe the call from somewhere on my land.  But if I were to try to describe it, and I am, I would say it was the call of a moosen goosen… a cross between a moose in rut, and a goose with a microphone.  But moosen don’t dwell in these parts, all though my son swears they do and I haven’t recalled installing a sound system on our land lately…

Again and again I heard the gut wrenching cries of the beast, and feared for the worst.  I quickly wrangled the canine minions to safety, rolling on the hard earth trying to hold them back, I could only imagine canines to be a moosen goosen’s choice meal after all. 

Then I quickly called my best experts on creatures like the moosen goosen.  I shouted into the phone, “It’s out there, somewhere… what do I do?!”

It's Out THERE, somewhere....

They shrugged off my ideas, and spouted their guesses, “It’s a crow, a cow, a dear, the boogie man, a fox or a Bear!”

I dressed up, or it is down?  to my knee-high snake proof muck boots, my holy jeans, a reuger tucked into the back waistline of my jeans, grabbed an axe, a rope and a cup of coffee.  My plan?  To not get eaten by the moosen goosen.  I ventured out carefully step by step, rattled by the continuing cries, wiping the sweat off of my brow.  Over deadly snake pits I crossed, carefully watching for any signs of the beast… For a moment I contemplated climbing up a 30 foot deer stand… but yeah, heights and me Do Not Mix. 

And then, then….

The human minions awoke, spoiling all my fun.

As I ventured back to safety hawks began to circle over head… a sign?  Perhaps.

The sounds have since halted, but soon the wee ones will be tucked safely back in bed, and I’ll be pulling on my boots once more… maybe.

Afterall half the fun of a moosen goosen is in the mystery of the beast…

To be continued…

2 responses to “Tails of the Moosen Goosen

  1. I think you’d best get a pic of this moosen goosen if’n ya find it!

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